Creative Builders Workshops

Fairground Controllers

Pupils follow instructions to build a rotational ride and use drag and drop coding software to complete various challenges.

About The Workshop

Fairground Control Workshop is a fun, hands-on way for Key Stage 2 children to explore rotational fairground rides and the various mechanisms that make them move.

By following instructions they use LEGO® Technic bricks to build working fairground rides and then control their models using the LEGO® Education WeDo computer software to complete various challenges.


This workshop is suitable for pupils from year 4 to year 6 with smaller groups of up to 16 children taking part per session.

Organise Your Day

The workshop works as a full day consisting of a morning session with one group of up to 16 children and an afternoon session with another group of up to 16 children.

General Information

Sessions usually take place in the classroom with children working in groups of 2. All the equipment needed for the workshop is provided, including laptops.

Teacher Information Booklet


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